Mac air vs macbook 2015

Apple MacBook Air 2018 vs MacBook Air 2015: just how much has changed?

Between the new inch MacBook and updates to the Pro and Air lines, it comes down to balancing battery life, connections and weight. For anyone considering a new MacBook purchase, all this new hardware makes choosing which one to buy even more difficult.

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Unfortunately, there's not one single perfect MacBook recommendation for everyone, and each model has its strengths and weaknesses. It comes down to a combination of budget, required features, and just how portable you need to be. The new inch MacBook is a design and engineering marvel, but is also missing features some might find irreplaceable, such as nearly all the common ports and connections, or a mainstream Core i5 processor.

Meanwhile, the inch MacBook Air soldiers on, relatively unchanged year after year.

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It's a testament to just how far ahead of the curve this laptop was that it's only now started to look dated, as the best Windows laptops finally catch up. It also continues to break battery life records, with the update adding a new fifth-generation Intel Core i5 processor for 18 hours of life in our video playback battery drain test, and 10 hours in a tough online streaming test.

The chart below outlines the most important specs for each MacBook, although there's no substitute for going to a brick-and-mortar retail store and getting a little hands-on time with each model before making a decision. In the final analysis, it's clear that the inch MacBook Pro is the most all-around useful laptop Apple makes. But, it's not the right choice for everyone.

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The Pro is not nearly as portable as the other two models, even if it could still go along with you in a laptop case a couple of times per week without too much aggravation. Meanwhile, the inch MacBook is the perfect portable laptop, and it's so thin and light, you'll hardly notice you're carrying it, but it forces many feature and performance compromises. Like with all Apple computers, upgrades are available.

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First, the size. The MacBook measures 12 inches across and weighs in at 2.

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While you might think of the MacBook Air as the lightest of Apple's laptops, that's not the case. The new MacBook Air measures The MacBook is between 0. The older MacBook Air is actually a bit slimmer at its smallest point, measuring 0.

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Even the older MacBook Air is said to have a hour battery life, so if battery is a deal-breaker for you the MacBook Air may be your best bet. The MacBook has one notable keyboard feature that the Air does not, which is a redesigned butterfly-style key mechanism.

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While this is not visible to users it is said to offer a slightly improved typing experience, though most users are unlikely to notice the difference. If you want a Mac laptop because you love Apple products and have general-use needs there's no reason to opt for the most expensive laptop out there, and the older version of the MacBook Air will likely suit your needs.

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Not sure if that describes you? Check out the features the MacBook and new MacBook Air have, if you're not even sure of what those features mean or why they might be important, you don't need them, and you won't miss them.

On the other hand, if you're excited by the features specific to the MacBook or new MacBook Air, especially when it comes to the Retina display, go for one of the higher priced Macs.