I think my mac has a virus how do i fix it

Does your Mac really need antivirus software? We asked the experts

My advice, not his.

This is a great point. Here is the article on standard rotational hard disks performance issues:. I am staying away from macOS Catalina for the foreseeable future. It breaks more than it adds for me personally. I cannot get any of my photo titles to show up.

Nothing works. I need to see the titles of my photos. Please help! I upgraded both my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone 8 to Somehow, a couple of my photos in each of my photo albums have gotten out of order! Also, if I arrange photos on the Mac app, it jumbles the photos on the iPhone, and vice versa. What the heck? Please tell me there is a fix!

Apple Computers do not get Malware and Computer Viruses (Urban Myth)

And neither one seems to be the entire contents of the volume. Beta 2 will be fully read-only by default. If I had wanted 2 damn volumes I would have partitioned it that way!

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So now I have to 1 either wait until Apple fixes this, or 2 no longer update. It continues till the end of the progress bar and then it remains there for eternity. No boot! I had the same happen with Mojave. Complete the progress bar and stay there for eternity, no boot. Luckily I had this experience already, so I had an extra partition running High Sierra to fall back to.

And I also wonder if this would happen if Steve was still around. OS X MacBook Pro inch, , I have this problem too. MacBook Pro Retina, inch, Early , 2. Catalina I use photo descriptions a LOT so this is really annoying.

How To Remove A Mac Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware, Maintenance, And Cleaning 2018

Does anybody have the same problem? Anybody knows how to fix it? Many of my other applications were broken, too. I am really frustrated. Any help will be appreciated. Me too!!! I am so frustrated. I have an iMac late model. Let me know if you get this resolved! This may be helpful for someone who has been unable to connect to a network drive using SMB.

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I found a very simple solution. I have a local network that includes a Mac mini server with an attached USB drive, and after upgrading to MacOS Catalina I was unable to mount the drive from any computer on the network. And on one forum I was even chastised for reporting the ineffectiveness of two suggested solutions.

Hope it will be solved with some update. Hope they can cohexist. It worked fine only once, but when rebooted, it went blank all the way, even after forced shutdown a number of times. It was working superfine under MacOS Mojave. Same issue here. Tried every suggested solution on the internet. I mean how much would have hurt to continue to support it? This is not the fault of Catalina, this is more with the developers of the apps that are not available as bit. I feel a roll back coming on.

Preview does not allow searching anymore. Also continually getting warnings to accept user terms and agreement, and I have…. Literally every time the screen wakes up. This is actually really annoying. I am encountering the same issue and need this feature to return.

I have the same issue. It is really annoying and terrible because my job required to use this function a lot for research. We seriously need it BACK! I believe it is in fact a bug, because sometimes it works but only for a little time. It really needs to be solved. Tried the normal update — got an error message that the update could not be completed because there was an error removing the old Mojave operating system. Tried it several times with no success. Created a bootable disk on a flash drive and tried to install from that but got the same message.

Decided the only solution was too format the main drive startup disk — deep breath — knowing I had a Time Machine backup. As far as I can see everything is working minor issue with Mail telling me there was not enough room in my home folder when I had over Gb free! That seems to have resolved now. The program quits every time I try to load it.

Got a virus on your Mac? Here’s how to remove it

When I type on the keyboard it repeats 3 or 4 characters which is a drag when put passwords because it always goes wrong. Not only was it not solved, but it added one more problem: The Delete key no longer quickly erases a few words when I press and hold but it does character by character about one per second and so do the arrows keys.

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I did the update but still did not solve… Do you have all the issues? Me too. Typing anything is an issue. It seems to randomly insert previously typed characters. Passwords are a mess. Any ideas please.

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All went well until I tried to remove some of the desktop pictures. Minor point, I know but… I get a message that says the macOS needs these. Any ideas? Since the upgrade the screen resolution is off and I can only see half my screen so I can answer the questions on the other half… anybody got any insights? Catalina inhibits and causes backups to an external hard drive to take an extreme amount of time and fail.

With High Sierra and Mohave, it took approximately 10 minutes to backup my iMac [including encryption].

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