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Wow I'm happy I found this. I'm a sucker for natural palettes and at the price I just couldn't say no. It reminded me so much of the Naked 1 palette so when I got home I opened both up to compare.

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Black Tied: Black with silver sparkle. I was checking throughout the day with the humidity, sweat, and rain going on and still I was looking really good. Even the other WnW Spring Forward 8-pan is crappy. Bitter: Vivid lime green with shimmer. We are currently in the process of rebuilding user permissions.

This is almost an exact dupe for the entire UD palette. And actually, the layout of this is quite easier to use.

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The shadows are much wider and easier to pick up. The pigment isn't … Read more. About reviewer 43 reviews. Home Products Palettes wet n wild. Nude Awakening Palette wet n wild. Write Review. More reviews, photos and discussions for wet n wild Reviews. Medium Brown Dark Skin Type Normal Hair Type Straight Eye Color Favorite Flag.

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Did you? Yes No. Previous 1 2 Next. Most Viewed Palettes Products. Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette reviews. Boudoir Eyes Shadow Collection 15 reviews. Wish for the Perfect Palette 13 reviews. Garden in Kyoto 11 reviews.

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This is lovely. Aug 14, 7. Doing my own bridal makeup, using vichydermablend BB cream, avon super shock gel eyeliner and a red lip.

Can not use anything else!!! Aug 14, 8. Thank you so much!

70+ MAC Eyeshadow Drugstore Dupes

Aug 14, 9. Aug 14, Aug 16, I am new to makeup and whatnot.. Aug 17, I don't know if this thread has been, but I thought it would be cool if some if you guys list lipstick dupes you have found. I have some more I will be listing later. Sep 9, Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk 2.

I have twelve trios to show you.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow – Brulee Review

The first six are what I believe are the Spring Collection, but they are still easily found in stores now. So if you'd like some homework, take out your fancy makeup and the 6 trios that have a 3-digit number ending with a B and let me know what you discover! The very last trio is from the limited edition Dream Weavers Collection from July of this year, and you'll see why I went so mad-cat trying to find it when we get there.

Trios are numbered top to bottom.


Aquavert: Soft buttermint green no longer available. Bitter: Vivid lime green with shimmer. Lovelace: Dusty, darkened blue No longer available. White Frost: Frosty, slightly off-white shade no longer available. Odalisque: Mid-tone blue Mega Metal Collection, no longer available. No dupe identified: Dark brown with copper and pink glitter. No dupe identified: Brownish, shimmering gold. Black Tied: Matte black with silver shimmer.

Hepcat: Jazzy deep blue-wine. Pale yellow-toned green. A shimmery purple somewhere between eggplant and plum. Intense, shimmery white. Black with silver sparkle. Milky chocolate with red shimmer. Not only are the colors incredible, but the entire palette is an exact dupe of the first three colors in the Urban Decay Summer of Love Palette!

Now I know these are nearly impossible to find, but if you do find them, buy them all and share the love.

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Urban Decay's Maui Wowie: Antique gold with a slight bronze sheen. Urban Decay's Flash: Bright purple with an icy sheen. Urban Decay's Chopper: Coppery orange with a pink hint.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette Review & Tutorial (& Mac Dupes)

Note, in the above picture taken by makeuptalk , the last shadow, Smog is shown with its dupe in the Comfort Zone 8-Pan Collection. So there you have it, folks. I hope you have enjoyed this. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, and requests below! Wet N Wild.