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Kezzel's Gorge is a tower defense scenario built for seven participants. Can't wait until the 10th to see what's in store?

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Then check out screenshots of these new dungeons in the gallery below and watch a teaser trailer for each, one right after another, after the break. There are four videos -- watch them right here back to back! Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Show More Results. Virgin Orbit's first rocket drop test was a success.

Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit. Your playerbase, I would gather a large portion of your playerbase, is overall negative about your recent actions. What does that tell you about your actions? Your game?

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Your idea? I would sincerely hope that you are actively listening to what people are saying. Let me start my constructive criticism here: Your game lags, beyond anything I've ever seen before. For a "fast-paced-action-based-combat" game, that is extremely negative. How do you intend on fixing it?

Without even looking at it from a "single minded" damage standpoint, survival is near impossible. No it isn't. A few times, yes. Dying repetitively because my ping jumped over 50ms for a few seconds, or my FPS lag became a big issue because the party used 3 heavy skills at the same time, is enraging. There are websites, out there, discords, etc, that claim to be "guides" on the game. None of which are updated. EM attempts to, but doesn't quite get there in terms of class guides, as these are all individuals who poste these.

Those methods that are still in-game are nerfed into uselessness, making those who were doing them, and newer players who are in the midst of learning the game, less inclined to do so. BAMs, lower tiered dungeons, etc Staffing: Though KTC has recently come under fire for her own actions on your behalf, I'm not going to flame her here. I will say, you do need people on your staff like her, but you also need someone at the heart of end-game content. Having anyone in the top-tier of players would tell you the issues of the game, and attempt to help offer suggestions to patch the holes in your currently sinking boat.

Having someone who is excited about leveling and cosplay is good, but in the end of all things, your game is an mmorpg, which means there is an end-game, and if it sucks, people will be less inclined to continue to play your game past the "lolis in anime combat". You can call them cheats, and fallback on the ToS if you want, but you will end up closing down, for good. Each and every one of them still has supporting staff and development. Some less than others, but they haven't let any of them die, or actively tried to kill any of their own games. They work with software developers, people who play and love the game, and try to diversify their strategies for making each game better.

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This is the sort of attitude that fosters great gaming companies. Do you really think people will swap from Tera to Closers or Kritika after what you've done to Tera? The short answer is no. If you actively try to kill your own games, no one wants to pay you to make more. They want you to quit trying and go work at Home Depot. More on developer tools, why do I call them "tools"?

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It helps me to understand what I'm doing, and how to do better. It also let's me help other players, as they can see if I'm doing well, ask questions, how to fix rotations, priorities, etc, to do better, if they want to. I understand that DPS meters in other games are epeen fueled rage monsters, but they are still used by a majority of people as a tool to better themselves and others who want to do better.

I fail to see how "some people will use this as a weapon" means that no one can use it. That's like saying "This guy beat somebody to death with a hammer, so we outlawed hammers. I have to do that, myself, or hope that someone else already did and posted it somewhere. This is your job, one of your very few jobs in fact. Which also means you are their representation of BHS to us. Meaning you are required to provide accurate information, as it pertains to their game. You have failed to do so, on so many occasions, and received so much feedback on this, it's shocking that it still occurs, regularly.

This isn't an attack, I'm simply stating the facts of the matter as I see them. None of this is mentioned in your patch notes, and we get a "surprise" when we login. Aside from that, your job is to moderate the game and report feedback to BHS. Based on the amount of feedback you receive via the forums, BHS either doesn't care what we have to say, or you aren't doing a good enough job in articulating the issues. As this poste has now reached it's apex, I'd be inclined to say that I do love Tera, it's a great game, it feels good when I'm playing and not lagging.

I implore you to not kill the game. Seek mediation in your current issues. Attempt to find a middle ground.

Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit

As it sits now, I listened to your official discord voice chat, which was being used to discuss what the next game everyone will play will be. It has been over 2 years since the server lag started and nothing has changed. I don't think I need to say more, proxies are needed. DMCAs have legal effect when a 3rd party is making use of assets with copyright property, not under false allegations of 3rd party programs that make no use whatsoever of copyrighted assets, code, etc. Why not make a dps meter? For the sole benefit of the players who like to track their progress and improve statistically?

You have been following in the footsteps of Blade and Soul in some aspects, so why not add a meter, which even Blade and Soul do? I would like to know what will happen now in the future. As far I've seen every friend I made here are leaving. Its been years dealing with my ping due location, also with enough computer to run any game in Ultra cant play tera with decent fps.

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I kindly ask you or any staff member.. Many mmorpgs have 3rd party api support, maybe resort to outside help? I for one would like to see EME or even BHS work with the devs of some of these tools to take the more quality of life aspects of them and turn it into an official release of some kind.

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There should be Linux and Mac OS versions of TERA. I personally have two friends who would like to play TERA, but they can't because their computers are all not be good business for them to put in the work required to port TERA TERA™, “TERA: Rising” and “TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea”. A free En Masse account is required to play TERA on Windows. TERA™, TERA : Rising And TERA: The Exiled Realm Of Arborea are trademarks of Krafton Inc.

Many of us would like to see xigncode removed. Even if it's not harmful to anyone's system which it may be , it causes most of us an increase in ping and a drop in fps which is detrimental to playing an action-combat based game well. Lose Xigncode , get a dps meter, and fix server lag.

Server lag was why most people used proxies. Has been semi-stable to bad for a couple years now. DPS meter was more of a tool and yall even said it was okay as long as we weren't being jackoffs with it so not sure why the sudden stance flip. Xigncode is why everyone used a proxy bypass.

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This is all without even saying optimization. And why the heck you guys even advertise your service to BR players? The chances of that happening is close to zero cuz BHS doesn't even care for anything outside k-tera and theirs 20 ms ping.

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Thank you! For low ping and other qol stuff, proxy is used. There are people whom abuse it, but the vast majority of the playerbase who do use third party programs simply use it to actually be able to play this game. For some, the game in its current state is simply unplayable, and that became even more apparent thanks to xigncode.

I think your efforts to remove third party programs make sense, but the better solution is to put more effort in fixing the things that need to be fixed in order to make players not want or need to use such programs. Make TERA great again. Have you tried reaching out to the mod developers themselves and telling them exactly what the problems are? How far you go to enforce your ToS is entirely up to your discretion. People who made use of packet injector scripts to mitigate the effect of latency in their performance, were pretty much players who were CRIPPLED by this issue and couldn't play the game at the level of those who have acceptable latency levels.

NA Tera has only East Coast servers so West Coast living players play at latencies of ms or higher, players outside north american territory, even higher. The game engine, code are designed to work under 50ms to perform as intended, latencies higher than that cause desync in skill usage and other adverse issues that affect the player experience, for those who play the game at a serious level in content with short reaction times mainly tanking and healing.